GPP Audit is the solution to your SMSF Audit Central West annual review assessment needs. Australian SMSF numbers has increased substantially with 7,464 self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) bringing the total number of funds to an estimated 562,000 and are now a common superannuation structure valued at an estimated $557billion dollars by the ATO in 2015. As a consequence, the ATO requires strict fund management and monitoring of these SMSF to ensure they comply with the superannuation legislation, and as such means all SMSF must be audited annually by an accredited SMSF auditor.  As the number of funds increases, so too does tax office monitoring. 585 SMSF trustees were disqualified in 2014, up from less than 100 in 2010. The ATO has moved on from their heavy focus on education and are now giving trustees less leeway than it did five years ago. All SMSF recipients must now be mindful to abide by the complex SMSF guidelines or potentially risk harsh penalties from the ATO.

GPP Auditors will provide all your SMSF Audit Central West SMSF fund assessment needs by reviewing the individual SMSF funds financial records as well as complete a compliance check with the current superannuation rules and legislation. You can be rest assured that GPP Audit will able to give you a one on one contact point throughout the whole process, from a person based in your local community with national knowledge and experience.

GPP Audit is owned and operated by Ben Jenkins and is based in Bathurst. Ben has over 17 years of auditing experience and is a fully qualified and registered auditor on ASIC SMSF Auditor registrar in compliance with ASIC Regulatory Guide 243; CO 12/1687. Ben has been auditing self-managed superannuation funds since 2004 and prides himself on keeping up to date with superannuation legislation and changes in SMSF administration practices. Therefore, no matter what SMSF audit Central West services you require, you can be reassured GPP Audit will deliver the upmost highest skill sets in the areas of analytical, communication, organisational, specialised maths and detail orientated audit skills to complete your audit. Furthermore, SMSF audit requirements are professionally and successfully met by GPP Audit in confidential, timely and cost-effective methods.

Whether you’re a SMSF trustee or an accountant with numerous funds that require auditing, please contact us for a quote to complete your SMSF audit needs.

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