“Pangolin Associates is a national energy and carbon management consultancy. Pangolin helps organisations achieve efficiencies and competitiveness through measuring, reducing and offsetting environmental impacts such as energy use and carbon emissions.

Pangolin’s core services include energy efficiency audits, comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) assessments, verifications and assurance engagements in compliance with government schemes such as NGER, NCOS and the ERF, and international programs such as the ACA and CDP. The firm also provides carbon accounting software, energy monitoring solutions, advice on carbon neutrality, along with the supply of carbon credits.

Pangolin’s scientific team has comprehensive experience and the highest level of environmental accreditations. Auditors are registered with the Federal Government’s Clean Energy Regulator and hold relevant professional qualifications.

Pangolin is an Australian-owned company working with all levels of business and government in Australia, New Zealand and globally. Visit: www.pangolinassociates.com.”

Pangolin Associates