GPP Audit provides Bathurst Audit services for a range of audit requirements for individual and businesses in the Bathurst district as well as the surrounding Central West region including Blayney, Mudgee, Oberon, Lithgow and Orange. GPP Audit also prides itself on being able to accommodate clients audit needs anywhere around Australia.

GPP Audit is owned and operated by Ben Jenkins and is based in Bathurst. Ben has over 12 years of auditing experience and is a fully qualified and registered auditor on ASIC SMSF Auditor registrar in compliance with ASIC Regulatory Guide 243; CO 12/1687.  Ben has a strong pride in his professional competency and compliance with national accreditation requirements and commitment to abiding by the national competency standards and ongoing education requirements of accredited auditors in Australia.  He ensures he stays abreast of the up to date knowledge and education in superannuation legislation and SMSF administration practices. Therefore no matter what Bathurst audit services you require, you can be reassured GPP Audit will deliver the upmost highest skill sets in the areas of analytical, communication, organisational, specialised maths and detail orientated audit skills to complete your audit. Furthermore, GPP audit requirements are professionally and successfully met by GPP Audit in confidential, timely and cost-effective methods.

GPP Audit undertakes all aspects of SMSF auditing for individuals or on behalf of fund administrators. Other Bathurst audit services GPP Audit can provide for you include a range of auditing services such as Trustee Funds, Real Estate Fund accounts plus other specialised audit services such as internal business financial audit reporting, just to name a few.

Finally, GPP Audit has a strong sense of community pride and involvement in enriching the Bathurst and surrounds community through being able to provide individualised audit services as well as volunteer community activities. GPP Audit is proud to provide customers with the one on one Bathurst audit service needs specific to each client.

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